Capital Investment Advisors: Objectives, Review, Services, Requirements

Retirement Income Planning, Wealth Preservation, and Planning for Retirement’s What-Ifs are all areas in which Capital Investment Advisors specialise. The firm has over 35 years of combined experience in retirement income planning, wealth preservation, and planning for retirement’s what-ifs.

At Capital Investment Advisors, we strive to make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others. By putting together a plan, we can assist you in preparing for your financial future, which can make a significant impact to you and your loved ones down the road. At Capital Investment Advisors (CIA), we seek to assist customers in achieving their financial objectives by concentrating on our area of expertise: income investing.

capital investment advisors

With offices around the United States, we are a fee-only financial advisory and portfolio management organisation headquartered in Atlanta that provides our customers with a comprehensive spectrum of financial assistance. In business since 1996, CIA has provided financial strategy and management services that are adapted to the specific circumstances and objectives of each customer.

Create a Financial Picture That Is Aligned With Your Objectives

We at Mountain Capital Investment Advisors have designed our whole approach to financial planning to be centred on the interests, worries, and aspirations of the airline industry. The team at Mountain Capital is dedicated to assisting you throughout your financial journey, whether you are just starting out in the aviation business, are nearing the end of your last flight, or are enjoying the retirement you’ve worked so hard to earn.

What Do I Need to Know About This Company?

Atlanta, Georgia-based Capital Investment Advisors LLC is a nationwide financial advice firm with its headquarters in Atlanta. The company has $4.2 billion in assets under management and employs 17 people. Individuals account for the majority of the firm’s 9,652 clients, who come in all shapes and sizes.

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Capital Investment Advisors is a financial planning and asset management firm that specialises in asset management. On its website, its financial advisors provide a retirement calculator as well as a free eBook, 101 Retirement Tips, in an effort to assist clients in retiring gracefully.

Capital Investment Advisors Llc Is a Financial Advisory Firm. Background

Capital Investment Advisors opened its doors for the first time in 1996. Its current headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. It also manages offices in Florida, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Washington State, among other states and territories. Capital Investment Advisors’ current major shareholders are Michael Reiner, Wesley Moss, and two trusts, in addition to two family offices.

Fourteen certified financial planners (CFPs) work for the firm, as well as a chartered financial analyst (CFA) and other experts with relevant industry certifications. The clientele of Capital Investment Advisors LLC, as well as minimum investment amounts
Capital Investment Advisors serves a wide range of clientele, including the following:

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capital investment advisors

  • Individuals with a lot of money
  • Plans for retirement and profit-sharing
  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • Corporations
  • Charitable organisations are those that help others.
  • Accredited investors are those who have earned their way into a position of trust.
  • New clients typically require a minimum account size of $500,000 unless they were referred by the Fidelity Wealth Advisor
  • Solutions Program.

Capital Investment Advisors Llc Provides the Following Services

Aiming to provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to its clients, Capital Investment Advisors was founded in 2008. This is accomplished through initial contact with potential clients to determine their requirements and whether their services can assist the client in reaching those requirements.

A Typical Financial Plan May Include Discussions of Issues Such as the Following, Depending on the Client’s Requirements

  • Putting money aside for retirement
  • Estate planning is important.
  • Portfolio management is a term used to refer to the management of a collection of assets.
  • Trust funds are funds held in trust for others.
  • Efforts to benefit others
  • Management of taxation
  • Aside from that, the business can use the information gleaned from your initial consultation to develop an appropriately diversified
  • investment portfolio on the client’s behalf. Investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon would all be taken into
  • consideration when determining asset allocation for the company.

Capital Investment Advisors Llc Is a Financial Advisory Firm. Philosophy of Investing

Capital Investment Advisors primarily focuses on the development of growth and income portfolios. It creates growth vehicles mostly via the use of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and individual securities such as stocks and bonds.

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Its income portfolios are primarily comprised of bond funds, which include mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as well as closed-end funds and individual fixed-income instruments that offer worldwide exposure. Aside from that, the firm may make use of limited partnerships, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and royalty trusts to raise funds.

At the end of the day, a portfolio’s asset allocation is determined by what the advisers believe is suitable given the client’s objectives and other considerations. Under the Capital Investment Advisors LLC umbrella, fees are charged.

capital investment advisors
Capital Investment Advisors charge fees that are often based on a proportion of the assets under their management. We have included the most recent charge schedule for your convenience.


Investing, we believe, is both a science and an art. It is our goal to blend the science of building a well-diversified portfolio with the art of active portfolio management in our approach to money management. Investing in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that are low cost and extensively diversified is how we construct our portfolios.

We collaborate with you to determine your risk tolerance and investment objectives in order to develop a personalised asset allocation strategy.

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