BSNL offers new broadband plans- 45 GB for Rs 99


BSNL is launching its new tarrif plans for the broadband. It has announced new plans giving its users 45 GB data per month. Jio has to keep a check on the new plans of the BSNL, as it has become a major competitor.  It is actually a broadband war.

BSNL launcing new round of tarrif war

Since the BSNL is launching a new plans of broadband beginning a new tarrif wars, it has reduced the price attracting its users for having great experience of the combination of the speed, data and price. Taking the Jio FTTH broadband plans in consideration, BSNL has decided to launch a round of broadband tarrif. This can actually like kick-start to a new round of broadband tarrif war between JIO and BSNL.

BSNL has launched 4 new non-FTTH broadband plans. This will provide 45 GB to 600 GB data range to its users. These plans are named as BBG ULD Combo broadband plans. Few of its plans have voice combo-inbuilt, which is attractive for the users. BSNL is providing 45 GB for RS 99 per month, and there highest plan is of Rs 399 which provides 600 GB of data per month.

These are the cheapest non-FTTh broadband plans that the BSNL is offering.

4 new Broadband plans of BSNL

All new broadband plans will give 20 Mbps speed after the consumption of the provided GBs, the speed will get reduced to 1 Mbps. The details are given below-

  1. Rs 99 giving 1.5 GB per day with 20 Mbps speed.
  2. Rs 199 giving 5 GB per day with 20 Mbps speed.
  3. Rs 299 giving 300 GB per day with 20 Mbps speed up to 10 GB per day.
  4. Rs 399 giving 600 GB per day with 20 Mbps speed up to 20 GB per day.

The speed will be reduced to 1Mbps post Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

This could be the most advanced and attractive plans for the users. As the growing need of the internet, speed is the major factor required, and if provided with a convenient package, the users would be happy to have.

Speed dip of Jio and other telecom providers

Airtel, the competitor of Jio, has more or less maintained the speed whereas Idea and Vodafone are showing drastic improvement.

TRAI shared the data which shows Jio users were getting 14.7 Mbps speed in April month which is experienced to be 33% less than the speed experienced in its previous month- March. Jio used to provide 25 Mbps speed in December which was the peak speed, and now it has stepped down to 14.7 Mbps. Jio is about to launch their broadband services, but has received a major setback, as the TRAI’s official app reports a dip in their speed.

The Airtel maintained its consistency of 9.2 Mbps followed by the Idea having speed of 7.4 Mbps and Vodafone having 7.1 Mbps.




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