Booking Online Tickets on IRCTC? – 10 New Rules you should know

Booking Tickets on IRCTC – 10 New Rules you should know
Booking Tickets on IRCTC – 10 New Rules you should know

The IRCTC has changed several rules for online train travel ticket bookings. The new rules have been applied for the ticket bookings.

Here are the 10 rules that have been revised by IRCTC for Ticket Bookings and Train Travel:

Booking online Tickets on IRCTC? – 10 New Rules you should know
Booking online Tickets on IRCTC? – 10 New Rules you should know
  1. Now a passenger can book tickets 120 days in advance that excludes the date of travel. Single user ID can only book 6 tickets and if the user ID is Aadhaar verified then 12 tickets can be booked. During the time of 8 am to 10 am only two tickets can be booked from one ID.
  2. With the help of single user ID, one can book only 2 tatkal tickets under the time frame of 10 am to 12 Noon.
  3. A passenger can book a tatkal ticket one day before his travel, at 11 am for sleeper coaches and 10 am for AC coaches.
  4. Between 8 am to 12 noon, quick booking services or single page are not available. Only one login session is allowed at a time. Captcha will be available at login, payment web pages, and passenger details.
  5. For net banking payments, all banks subscriber will have to verify themselves by the onetime password.
  6. Agents can book the tickets from 8 am to 8:30 am, 10 am to 10:30 am and 11 am to 11:30 am. The authorized travel agents are not allowed to book tatkal tickets during first 30 minutes of the online reservation starts.
  7. Online ticket booking is now made time sensitive. The passenger details can be filled in standard time of 25 seconds. The minimum input time on the payment page and passengers detail page for captcha is 5 seconds.
  8. You can book only one tatkal ticket in a single session.
  9. Now the passengers have the authority to claim their refund on-
  • If the train does not depart within 3 hours of the departure time schedule.
  • If the passenger has booked the ticket but the passenger has been shifted to a lower class, and he or she does not want to travel in the changed class. But in case the passenger is ok to travel to the lower class, then the difference will be paid back to him or her.
  • If the route of the train has been diverted and the person who has the ticket does not want to travel on that route.
  1. You can also transfer your confirmed ticket to a second passenger, in case you are not able to travel.
  • This has to be permitted from the Chief Reservation Supervisors, who has the authority to permit 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.
  • The ticket can be transferred to another person who has to be the member of the family, including mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, husband and wife.

IRCTC stands for the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. The Indian Railway is the world’s fourth largest railway network. The Indian Railways has brought many changes  in an effort to aid travelers.

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