Blood Pressure: Yanomami Way Vs Western Way to Live Healthy Life

Blood Pressures
Blood Pressures



A study on the tribal community has published recently by JAMA Cardiology, in the study it was concluded that high blood pressure and diabetes problem are basically seen because of western lifestyle and diet.

Hypertension or High blood pressure is a very well known risk factor for diseases related to cardiovascular. Many countries are facing the issues of increasing high hypertension or blood pressure, India is not different from it.

A study was conducted on Yanomami people who are Amazonian tribe and lives without an influence of western diet in isolation. This study is conducted in Baltimore by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

tribes diabetes free

tribes diabetes free

They found that there is no sign of hypertension or high blood pressure among the average people from birth to 60th age.

Another study on another tribe, Yekwnas who have included salt and processed food in their diet, have shown higher blood pressure among the late middle-aged people.

Yanomami people are gardeners and live on hunting. They live with nature in the rainforests of southern Venezuela and northern Brazil in South America. Their diet consist of low salt and fat, but high fibers and fruits.  Since the 1980s, it has been seen that they are not familiar with obesity and atherosclerosis else it extreme low blood pressure is familiar here.

Dr. Punyabrata Gun has been involved in the treatment of the Yanomami people for many years. He was associated with the Shramajibi Swasthya Udyog which is the organization for health workers and doctors who working for marginalized and poor’s health.

Gum said that while working in Chhattisgarh, people from triable areas were not suffering from any kind of lifestyle disorder such as hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Diet was completely frugal and not balanced. They used to cook with a lack of sugar, oil, and salt. They were depended on fishes for protein widely. They have accesses of fruits from the jungle. However, tribes have no access to staples or rice.

For the study, John Hopkins took the various blood pressure measurements of one to 60 age grouped person. Here Blood pressure was 95 systolic and 63 were diastolic. Whereas in US adults systolic person were 122 and 71 were diastolic.

The study also shows that this type of blood pressure age- stability is found among the Yanomami in the very start of the children’s birth.

If we compare Yanomamis to Yekwanas who are closer to the western lifestyle, we found that rising blood pressure is inevitable with Western lifestyle and diet.

Dr. Gun’s observed a similar type of patterns.  According to him, he found that tribal from North Bengal tea gardens has a strong touch with a western world which includes more sugar, salt, and oil but lacking in enough protein in their diet, are suffering from malnutrition and many types of new diabetes such as nutritional diabetes. This type of diabetes contains high blood pressure.

Lesson to be learned from Yanomamis tribes’ diet to avoid diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, and other lifestyle-related diseases.

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