Which Are the Best Altcoin Exchange and Most Trusted Altcoin ?

To acquire cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, you need an account with a top altcoin exchange. Your chosen exchange should not only support your preferred altcoins but also be low-fee and secure. This study compares the best altcoin exchanges for 2022.

Best Altcoin Exchanges

eToro – Best Altcoin Exchange for 2022

Start with the greatest cryptocurrency exchange on the market right now — eToro. This marketplace has dozens of altcoins that can be bought and sold for just $10. Also, fees are inexpensive here, especially when funding your account.

While many crypto exchanges charge over 3% to deposit funds through debit or credit card, US clients can do so fee-free. Fee-free deposits are also accessible via Paypal, Skrill, ACH, and wire transfers. We also like that opening an account just costs $10.
On eToro, the top altcoins to buy include Ethereum, BNB and Monero. You can also buy Decentraland, AAVE, Cosmos, and SushiSwap. A smart portfolio is another option to buy cryptocurrencies at eToro. eToro manages these so you can invest passively in a portfolio of digital tokens.

A Great Altcoin Exchange for Interest Earning

To diversify your long term crypto investments, Crypto.com has over 250+ altcoins. We like that accounts can be opened in minutes and that once validated, you can buy bitcoin with a debit card. This will cost you $2.99, which is sometimes waived for new clients.

Best Altcoin Exchange

You can also save money by using ACH or a fee-free domestic bank wiring. After that, you’ll just pay 0.40 per cent per slide. Crypto.com is also the creator of CRO, a famous altcoin that allows you to decrease trading commissions.

Trading Popular Altcoins With Low Commissions

Binance is well-known in the altcoin world, not least for its access to hundreds of markets. Trading commissions start at just 0.1 per cent per slide. Like Huobi and Crypto.com, Binance offers reduced trading costs for holders of its native BNB cryptocurrency. Read our tutorial on how to buy Binance Coin.

Binance’s powerful trading platform enables in-depth technical research. Beginners may buy cryptocurrencies using a simple USD interface. Deposit fees vary depending on the payment method. For example, ACH and bank wires are free.

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Coinbase – A Beginner’s Altcoin Exchange

Coinbase is the next top altcoin exchange for 2022. This is perhaps the finest venue for newbies. Buy cryptocurrencies here with no prior expertise and set up an account from the convenience of your home. We like that debit and credit cards are accepted, despite the high costs.

Debit/credit card payments cost 3.99 per cent, not quite as much as Binance. This is also true for buying altcoins with PayPal. However, ACH transfers are free, so you simply need to pay the regular 1.49 per cent commission. Crypto deposits are also supported, so this is another option.

Huobi – Best Altcoin Exchange for Trading

Huobi is a great exchange to use if you want to diversify your Defi coins. This exchange has hundreds of altcoins in various trading markets. For example, Huobi’s investors will seek spot trading markets.

Best Altcoin Exchange

This usually involves altcoins and USDT. You can trade altcoins for other digital currencies. You can even trade altcoins with leverage if you want more risk. Experts at this reputable altcoin exchange may contemplate trading crypto derivatives. This covers a wide range of futures markets, all accessible on margin.

An Altcoin Exchange

Other cryptocurrencies are available through an altcoin exchange. Although there are over 18,000 cryptocurrency projects, top-rated exchanges typically only offer a few hundred. After all, many cryptocurrencies have modest market caps and are ignored by genuine crypto investors.

The best altcoin exchangers reviewed today work similarly. You must first open an account and deposit funds. If you choose to deposit in USD, you must also present a government-issued ID.

How to Pick the Right Altcoin Trading Platform?

CoinMarketCap lists just over 300 cryptocurrency exchanges. Naturally, this makes deciding which exchange is right for you are difficult. In the sections below, we cover the most significant factors to consider while picking the best cryptocurrency exchange for your needs.

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Beginners: Coinbase

If you’re a cryptocurrency newbie, check out Coinbase. This unique function allows you to convert any altcoin into another altcoin automatically on Coinbase’s exchange. Unlike an exchange, Coinbase can do this. Coinbase just credits your account with the relevant tokens.

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Coinbase has an iOS and Android app. You can fund your account by wire or credit card. Alternatively, you can fill your Coinbase account with cryptocurrency.

7 most trusted altcoin exchanges

Finding crypto exchanges to buy Bitcoin is simple. Due to Bitcoin’s popularity, numerous cryptocurrency exchanges offer BTC. In truth, you may buy Bitcoin without using a crypto exchange. Users may simply buy Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash using PayPal.


Binance is the most well-known and reliable cryptocurrency exchange. So it’s no surprise that Binance is the best altcoin exchange. It is superior to all other cryptocurrency exchanges since it provides practically everything a crypto user might need.


Many smaller crypto exchanges strive to specialise (e.g., offering a lot of trading pairs or very low trading fees). KuCoin, on the other side, is a small Binance. Despite its modest size, it offers a lot of services and features.

By bit

By bit appears frequently on rankings of the finest crypto exchanges. By bit is a global exchange that is both a trading platform and a decentralised money hub.

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While KuCoin is an excellent altcoin exchange for traders, By bit is ideal for Defi enthusiasts.


FTX is a must on any list of the best altcoin exchanges. The FTX exchange is highly focused on trade and offers several advanced trading capabilities. Despite its modest size, FTX can support a large variety of altcoins. This makes it great for crypto traders looking for the finest crypto exchange.


Coinbase is a well-known crypto exchange. It allows you to trade, buy and sell digital currency. Coinbase is one of the world’s most comprehensive bitcoin exchanges. That it is not ideal for traders is the sole reason for its low ranking.

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Phemex is a fantastic altcoin exchange with a trading focus and some DeFi capabilities. The only reason it isn’t higher is because it only supports a few altcoins. Phemex’s main appeal is its beginner-friendliness. Phemex’s user-friendly interface may be the greatest place for new traders to try out futures.


Poloniex is the last exchange on our list. Like Phemex, its user-friendliness and ease of use are reasons for include it. While Poloniex has a large number of assets in the spot markets, it only offers derivatives on a few.

2022’s Best Crypto Exchanges

Overall and for newbies: Coinbase
Crypto.com Mobile App
Gemini for Security
BitMart for Altcoins

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Low Fees and Experienced Traders: Kraken
Cash App for Bitcoin

Best Altcoin Exchange

Why We Picked

Coinbase is the finest crypto exchange for beginners and overall. It supports a huge variety of coins and is quite secure. Coinbase offers both a beginner-friendly and a professional-friendly trading platform (Coinbase Pro).


For more information, visit Coinbase.com. Today, Coinbase is a publicly-traded cryptocurrency exchange worth over $40 billion. 1

Originally situated in San Francisco, Coinbase is now a globally decentralised firm with no headquarters. It distinguishes out for its ease of use, security, and advanced features for expert traders. Coinbase’s extensive asset support (150+) and user-friendly platform have made it a popular choice for new crypto buyers. The software looks and feels like an online banking tool, which most users currently use, making the switch to crypto easy.

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