Besides Being a Social Responsibility, Equal Gender Representation is Financial Positive Today – Ivanka Trump


On the second day of Global Entrepreneurship summit Ivanka Trump, the daughter and advisor of US President Donald Trump, stressed upon more participation of women in businesses saying that it is a critical issue and not just a women’s issue.

Addressing the session Ivanka Said, “One thing I would like to throw out there is that these aren’t women’s issues. We are half the population, so we need to start thinking about them as critical issues. Having equal gender representation is a financial positive to businesses today, besides being a social responsibility. Women need access to capital. Diversity aids business and businesses should take the responsibility of balancing the gender gap in the labor force. Technology offers a tremendous opportunity to women and women entrepreneurs. Men need to acknowledge that women face obstacles and should do their part in easing the situation. Workforce culture needs a fundamental change since the traditional concept of single parent provider at homes is long gone.”

Ivanka also lauds PM Modi for the transformational change saying his achievements are truly extraordinary. “What you are achieving here is truly extraordinary, from your childhood selling tea to your election as India’s prime minister, you’ve proven that transformational change is possible, and now you are bringing that promise to hundreds of millions of people across your country,” she said.

She was applauded by the US President Donald Trump for encouraging women workforce during the summit, saying “Great work Ivanka”. Later a comment from the State Department of United States also came. The spokesperson of the State department Heather Nauert said, “I am so proud that the US and India held the global entrepreneurship summit in Hyderabad… I think it’s a tremendous success when we bring in 1500 entrepreneurs from around the world. We are also proud that Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump’s daughter and one of his most trusted and closest adviser, led the US delegation over there. I, personally, think of no better representative of a woman entrepreneur in the US than her to go over there.”


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