Bali, the Famed Island of the Gods, Declares ‘Garbage Emergency’ due to Mountains of Waste

Bali Waste Emergency

Bali Waste Emergency

Bali, one of the most searched places on Google for winter escape, luxury and honeymoon in International search list, has declared ‘garbage emergency’ due to the mountains of garbage along its shorelines.

Indonesia, the second biggest contributor of plastic waste in the oceans after China, is one of the 40 countries that are part of UN Environment’s Clean Seas campaign to halt the tide of plastic trash polluting the oceans.

Bali’s palm-fringed and most famous beach resort destination Kuta beach is on the western side of the island’s narrow isthmus. This simple and rustic beach has witnessed transformation over the past years due to rise of visitors and beachcombers and now it’s shoreline is turning into mountains of garbage.

According to the data from ministry, an average person in Indonesia generates 0.7 kilogram of waste per day. A staggering 1,75,000 tons of waste is produced each day with 250 million people which amounts to 64 million tons of garbage per year mostly dumped into landfills.

These mountains of waste are flooding into the river & oceans and are causing problems of clogged waterways, increased risk of floods and death of marine animals who get trapped by plastic packaging.

The situation has become so worst that Bali had to declare it a garbage emergency and deployed 700 cleaners and 35 trucks to remove roughly 100 tons of debris each day to a nearby landfill.


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