Awarded By President For Her Academics Allegedly Gang-Raped In Haryana: Here Are The Culprits

Gang-Raped In Haryana
Gang-Raped In Haryana

Awarded by President of India for her brilliance in academics allegedly gang raped in Mahendragarh district, Haryana on Wednesday, 12th Sept

She was on her way to a coaching center in Kanina, when three men carelessly kidnapped her and dragged her to a field, where they raped her.

The 19-year-old college student was rewarded by the president after she topped the CBSE board exam was allegedly kidnapped and gang raped by a group of men in village of Haryana on Wednesday.

She was allegedly raped till she fell unconscious, and then they terribly dumped at a bus stand.

The girl was a second year student and was on her way to coaching center bear her village in Rewari when three young men, who came in a car and inquired about an address, after some time they offered her water which she drank and fell unconscious then they allegedly kidnapped her and dragged her to a field, where they raped her.

Moreover, few other men who were present at the field also took turns to rape her, the police said. The victim girl says all the men are from her village.

Her parents have claims that the police refused to take their complaint and file a First Information Report (FIR).  Also, they said they have been running from one police station to another, hoping to file a complaint, after the accused threatened them.

However, a police officer, claimed a “zero FIR” has been filed against the accused based on the woman’s complaint and investigations are on. A zero FIR is filed in a police station which is not in charge of the area where the crime took place, and can be transferred to the relevant police station.

Station house officer (SHO), women police station, Heeramani Devi said,

“We received the complaint from the victim, who was taken for medical examination. After medical examination, we registered a case of gang rape against three youths and sent the zero FIR to Kanina police for further investigation.”

Do you think the police will find the culprit and punish them, or soon we will hear another gang rape case which will be concluded by those three men?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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