Are we Ready for Robots to be our Managers?

Are we ready for Robots to be our Managers?
Are we ready for Robots to be our Managers?

Even though Artificial intelligence and the robotics are growing rapidly, robots are still far away to take over our jobs yet. But a new research conducted by Oracle and Future workplace predicts that people are now ready to take orders from Robots.

The study was conducted on 1,320 U.S HR manager and employees and the result indicated that 93% people out of this data class won’t mind robot as their managers.  The advantage of AI is far beyond automating a manual process.

Are we ready for Robots to be our Managers?
Are we ready for Robots to be our Managers?

Even with all the advances in AI organization are not paying much heed to this technology and are not helping their employees to understand and use it on work. Not getting acquainted with AI could lead to job loss, decreasing productivity and no growth in skillset.

AI’s Potential as seen by HR Professionals and Employees

If you see the current scenario the use of AI at the workplace is still theoretical. Almost 70% of the people are using AI in a personal way, with the launch of Alexa, hello Google, and Amazon Echo lots of people embracing smart assistance much more easily at home.

  • At work, only 6 % HR professional agrees that they have embraced the technology and only 2.4% are using it in daily work functions. Around half of the people in the study believe that the use of AI will make work more effective and will increase the decision-making
  • Whereas 45 % believe that the use of AI at work will be significant in cost-cutting.
  • 27 % of HR professional sees the AI impacting their work culture Improvement in performance management is seen by 25 %. 18% sees the benefit in recruiting people and only 13 % see AI benefiting employees.

Organization are not training Workforce for AI

Although professional acknowledge the potential of AI in improving the work culture. But organizations are not doing much about it. They are not investing in preparing the workforce for AI culture.

  • 90 % of HR professionals are not yet acquainted with any AI skill required for work. They are sure that in future if the company decides to bring in the AI, they will not be able to adjust.
  • Around 51 % of employees are sure that they will not be able to change their working ways in the environment of rapid AI growth. Adoption of skills and AI knowledge will become important in next 3 years as believed by 71 % of respondents.
  • Not adopting AI will bring negative impact on the organization and the career of employees. Hence it is important for companies that they start training their employee for future AI environment

Respondent in the survey believes that the acceptance of AI at work will have a positive influence on top designation like C-Suite executives, directors. But if organizations will not pay any heed to train their leaders and managers it will be hard for them to stay in the competition.

Although, Oracle and Future workplace have predicted that Robots will impact our work culture in many ways. But this reality is still in its nascent stages.

What do you think about AI and Robotics at Workplace? Share your thought with us.




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