Akon launches AKoin: The Cryptocurrency to Counter Bitcoin


The Singer AKON has launched its own Cryptocurrency by the name of AKoin that he is planning for his new city in Africa.  Like the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, the Akoin will function free from any governments or any other financial traditional institutions. This cryptocurrency will “bring the power back to the people”.

Aliaume Thiam known by his famous name Akon hopes that his Virtual Currency will work in his own city which he is planning to build in Senegal.

The President of Senegal has gifted Akon 2000 acres of land to build this futuristic city. The development of this futuristic city has already started.  The 2000 acres of Land is just 5 minutes away from the New International Airport. This land is already close to the coast and near the city of Dakar, the Capital of Senegal.

The new smart city which is being built by Akon will totally run on the new cryptocurrency launched by him. This smart city will be 100% Crypto Currency based and will be called the Akon Crypto City.

What do you think about Akoin the cryptocurrency by Akon?

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