After Ryan International Case, SEEDS India is All Set to Ensure Safe and Secure School

school safety Programme

school safety Programme

The Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society (SEEDS) has recently extended its school safety program to safety against violent acts, bullying, substance abuse & sexual abuse in the wake of latest incidents happened in Schools.

In July this year SEEDS, in collaboration with Honeywell India, launched its new initiative Honeywell Safe School Programme to address unique challenges faced by each school and prepare them to be disaster ready. The program was started to study the school safety and disaster preparedness was funded by Honeywell India grant.

Manu Gupta, executive director of SEEDS said in an interview with India CSR that the recent incident of Ryan International School in Gurugram where an eight-year-old student Pradhyumn Thakur was murdered served as a grim reminder of the problem.

Discussing the SEEDS programme for safe and secure school he said’ “We at SEEDS through our safe and secure school program have been trying to address such day to day stressors through carrying out participatory risk assessments including safety audits of schools. The scope of such assessments focus on all issues related to safety and securing of children from the point they leave their homes for schools until their return. We attempt to establish mechanisms and protocols in schools with necessary capacity to address such issues and escalate problems at appropriate levels for immediate mitigative action.”

“Apart from that, we try and create awareness generation through various participatory tools such as activities like street plays that are carried out by local youth in communities around the school. Further, we work with local CBOs, neighbourhood associations in identifying potential vulnerable zones and a system of community watch to prevent incidents of violence on abuse”, he further added.


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