A 16 Year Old Entrepreneur Leading the Tyreless Road to Sustainable Environment

Anubhav Wadhwa

Anubhav Wadhwa

Any business that is keen to survive in the long term can’t ignore the challenges of environmental degradation and climate change. They need to pay attention to these issues today otherwise there will be no tomorrow. The environmental challenges we are facing today are huge and targets to achieve sustainable development are so wide that engagements from government alone are not enough to achieve them. Individual efforts from businesses, local authorities, and civil society are also required and effort of a 16-year-old entrepreneur of India, Anubhav Wadhwa, could be counted in it.

As a part of his overreaching objective to contribute towards the fulfillment of sustainable development goals Anubhav Wadhwa, a technology entrepreneur and CEO of a software firm TechAPTO, founded ‘Tyrelessly’ with a tireless aim to partner with cities, communities, brands, and individuals to build a waste-free future.

Anubhav started developing Tyrelessly in December 2015 and launched the web platform in January 2016 to dispose of old and used tyres in an eco-friendly manner. The seed for Tyrelessly was sown when Anubhav, a student of Pathways World School, Aravali, Haryana, saw someone setting fire to a couple of tyres which got him thinking what happens to tyres that have served their time. After a quick online check, he realized that tyres that are no more useful, are burnt openly and release a lot of toxic gases into the environment. To combat this, he started Tyrelessly in the hope that this practice could be stopped if he would provide the doorstep solution to dispose of the used tyres in an eco-friendly manner with community participation.

Through his website Tyrelessly, anyone can request a pick-up of old tyres which can be disposed of more efficiently. Tyrelessly also promotes the research and development of the applications and markets that can use the materials derived from end-of-life tyres and also strives to disseminate adequate information to expand their possibilities for use in both areas that are already known and in innovative applications.

Services offered by Tyrelessly are free of charge but this innovative and dynamic entrepreneur has found a potential revenue model by aiming to make his site popular in coming times and generate revenue by selling ad space. By sale of recycled products, he will be able to generate adequate revenue.

With a vision to work towards furthering sustainable development goal, Anubhav has been extensively covered by various newspapers and tv channels ranging from Hindustan Times, Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar to NDTV India.


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