23 Jump Street: Is There Ever Gonna Be a 23 Jump Street?

“21 Jump Street” is a comedic version of the TV show that made Johnny Depp famous. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star as Schmidt and Jenko, two cops who are part of a programme where undercover officers go into high schools and do their jobs. The only difference is that Depp’s TV character was competent and professional. Schmidt and Jenko, on the other hand, are terrible at pretending to be undercover. A common joke is that Tatum is too big and well-built to be a high school student because he’s already grown up a lot. At first, they try to fit in at school, but that soon turns into wild parties, car chases, and a dramatic showdown at the prom.

The movie was a big hit when it came out, making $201 million on a budget of $42 million. There was a sequel, “22 Jump Street,” which was set at college. The end credits of “22 Jump Street” made fun of Schmidt and Jenko in almost two dozen fake sequels to the movie, as well as a fake animated series and toy line. But the movie came out seven years ago, and so far, there hasn’t been a real follow-up. Is there going to be a “23 Jump Street” movie in the future or not?

23 Jump Street Is No Longer in Production

While a “Men in Black-Jump Street” movie was being worked on for years, it was scrapped because it was too hard to put together. “It’s almost become what we were making fun of,” Hill said in a 2016 interview with the Toronto Sun. Hill said that it was hard for the new movie to keep the same tone about sequels and reboots as its predecessors.

23 Jump Street

It won’t happen for now, but “24 Jump Street” will instead. If you read the Hollywood Reporter in 2021, Rodney Rothman, who worked on “Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse,” said that he will write and direct the sequel, which is now “24 Jump Street.”

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Because it’s been so long for them to work together that they decided to skip over “23 Jump Street” and pick up the storey one movie later. There’s a lot of talent and movies in “Spider-Verse.” Rothman worked on the movie with “Jump Street” co-director Phil Lord, so it looks like a good match.


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23 Jump Street Characters

If you read Variety in April 2015, they said that a “Jump Street” spin-off was in the works. They said it was going to be “female-driven.” When Collider asked about this project, anonymous sources told them that Tiffany Haddish would play an undercover high school teacher in this new movie. After that, according to ComicBook.com and other sources, a February 2019 issue of the film production news magazine Production Weekly said that Zendaya and the other person who was supposed to be in the movie, Tiffany Haddish, were going to be in it.

23 Jump Street

Last but not least, a report in November 2020 from Deadline said that Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin of “Bob’s Burgers” fame would write “Deadpool 3.” The report also said that the two had written “Jump Street: Now For Her Pleasure,” which was a title that had never been mentioned in an official capacity before this report. “24 Jump Street” may or may not be the same thing as this script, but that hasn’t been explained yet.

23 Jump Street Is No More

Reader, think back to the dark, dystopian days of 2016. At one point, Sony planned to have its new Jump Street reboot series cross over with Men in Black. The movie MIB 23, which would have been 23 Jump Street, hasn’t been made in 6 years, which is a shame. Asked: “So, what was the deal with that?

23 Jump Street Plot

Greg Jenko didn’t go to the prom with Morton Schmidt in 2005 because he didn’t have good grades. Schmidt didn’t get the girl he wanted to date, and Jenko was not allowed because he didn’t have good grades. It’s seven years later when the two people meet up again at the police academy. They become friends and work together on bicycle patrol. They get a break when they arrest Domingo, the leader of a one-percenter motorcycle gang. They had to let him go because they didn’t read him his rights.

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The two have been moved to a scheme from the 1980s that specialises in getting into high schools. Captain Dickson wants them to stop the spread of a drug called “Holy Fucking Shit” at Sagan High School. He gives them new names and enrols them as students, giving them class schedules based on their previous academic performance. Jenko takes mostly arts and humanities classes, and Schmidt takes mostly science classes, but the duo mixed up their identities, so they don’t know who they are anymore. From Molly: Schmidt gets a lead on HFS from a classmate. He and Jenko meet Eric, the school’s main dealer. Take him in front of them to keep their cover. After taking the drug, the two find that Schmidt’s intelligence has made him popular, while Jenko’s lax attitude has made him less popular.


In May 2008, Sony Pictures said that a movie based on the series was being made. It was screenwriter Joe Gazzam who wrote the original script for the movie. Jonah Hill rewrote it and also starred in the movie.  Hill has said that he wants Rob Zombie to direct the movie. It was called “R-rated, crazy, Bad Boys-meets-John Hughes type of movie” by Hill in May 2009.  Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who directed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, are in talks to direct the movie. Sony made the news on December 21, 2009.

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As Lord said: “So, all of those events that took place in the original did happen.” So 20 years later, we’re here, and we’re watching it happen to different people, too.” However, the movie has a very funny tone, which is very different from the more serious and heartfelt tone of the TV show.

23 Jump Street


The movie was made in and around Metairie, Louisiana, which is a suburb of New Orleans. The filmmakers took a lot of time to make it look like the city was called “Metropolitan City.” Helvetica typeface was used instead of the distinctive street signs.

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Billboards from local businesses were digitally removed except for the RTA signs at the end of the film and a Zatarain’s billboard ad. They also avoided filming places with iconic New Orleans imagery.


Though “23 Jump Street” director Rodney Rothman said he skipped that movie and went straight to “24 Jump Street,” co-director Phil Lord may have other ideas. Asked about the decision to make “24 Jump Street” the first movie in the series, Lord said, “We’re saving ’23 Jump Street.'” This implies that not only does Lord and his collaborator Christopher Miller have plans for multiple sequels but that “23 Jump Street” could also end up being the fourth movie in the series.

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