Amritsar Train Accident: More Than 60 Crushed, Several Injured

Jalandhar- Amritsar DMU
Jalandhar- Amritsar DMU

Dussehra celebration turns out to be regretful in Amritsar on Friday evening when a speeding train ran over hundreds of people who were watching Ravana’s effigy going up in flames.

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As per the recent reports, at least 61 people are found dead, saying that the fatalities could rise.

Joda Fatak
Joda Fatak

This calamity took place in at the Joda Fatak area, where a huge crowd had gathered in order to watch the fireworks. As the firecrackers went off, a large number of people moved towards the railway tracks. Seven of the 70-odd people injured in a train accident near here were in critical conditions, officials said on Saturday.

Jalandhar- Amritsar DMU

During this event, the Jalandhar- Amritsar DMU was crossing the spot, police officials said that the revelers could not hear the train approaching due to the loud explosions from the effigy run over by the train.

Also, the eyewitnesses said that the Amritsar-Howrah train had crossed the same spot a few minutes earlier. Moreover, had the two trains crossed at the same time, then the causalities would have been much higher.

Amritsar commissioner of police SS Srivastava confirmed the death toll and said they were trying to clear the bodies from the tracks and are also, taking the injured to nearby hospital.

Amritsar deputy commissioner Kamaldeep Singh Sangha said the ambulance services had been pressed into services to take the injured to the hospitals. “All the hospitals in the city have been alerted about the injured patients and ambulances from the neighboring districts have been requisitioned to carry the injured and dead.”

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