Women Don’t Need To Change Their Names In Passport After Marriage Anymore: PM Modi

Indian Passport
Indian Passport

There is a fresh announcement from our Hon’ble Prime Minister which will benefit the newly-married couples a lot and will also be liked by the mass. The couples who are planning to go out of the country for a trip and are facing difficulties in the passport will get a sigh of relief with this good news. Now there is no need for the spouse to update their maiden names on the passports.

As previously women had to change their maiden names after marriage are now free to keep the maiden name in the passports.

modi passport
modi passport

From now onwards, women will not have to change their names in the passport after their marriage,” as said by Modi in a meeting of Indian Merchant Chambers on a video conferencing. He also added with a point that the women should be kept at top priority in all the schemes of the government.

The government has launched many schemes for the good of women under the leadership of PM Modi. One of the benefitted schemes by the government is that the maternity leave for women has been extended to 26-week leave which was 12 weeks previously and the women who get their delivery in hospitals will be getting the benefit of Rs 6000 in their account.

In the UjjawalaYojna which is a gas distribution project, the profit has already reached to 2 crore women within a year. It has a target of reaching 5 crore BPL families in 2 years.

Modi also said that whenever the women are given proper stand they have proven their worth and also make it two step ahead of men.

What is your opinion on this new step taken by our PM Modi for women?

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