International Day of Peace: India Ranks 137 at Global Peace Index



Among 163 counties, India has gone four places up and reached the 137th position on Global Peace Index 2017. According to Australian intellectuals, this up nature is because of reduction in violent crime level, safeguarded by strong law enforcement.

Iceland maintains its position 1st as the most peaceful country in the globe. Iceland has maintained this rank since 2008.

According to the Global Peace Index, Portugal, New Zealand, Austria, and Denmark also secure their places as most peaceful counties in the top five.

Syria still is the lowest in the index of the Global Peace Index, which is maintained for five years. Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, and Somalia are still in the same position as lowest in the Global peaceful counties.

India has ranked up by four at Global Peace Index. India ranked from 141st to 137th. At this time there is something new with the maximum decrease in death numbers joined by Sri Lanka, Colombia, Uganda, and Chad.

Sydney-based Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) published the report, according to it, “This has largely been due to a reduction in the level of violent crime, driven by increased law enforcement. Meanwhile, unrest in Indian-administered Kashmir in mid-2016 raised tensions between India and its neighbor Pakistan, with the number of deaths from external conflict increasing in both countries,”

This report has analyzed comprehensively on the world peace status. According to the report meanwhile political and social turmoil is continuing, the globe is busy to spend most of their time and resources to spread hatred and violence but little for peace.

India, Egypt, Iran, South Korea, Pakistan, and Syria, are among those countries that showed a significant growth in capabilities of heavy weapon over the previous 30 years and remained unstable states due to tension between neighboring countries.

The number of deaths increased in Syria the highest which is followed by Mexico, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen respectively.

Global Peace Index 2017 result shows that there is deterioration of 0.27% in last year, and this is a successive fourth year for deteriorations. Among the listed 71 countries are improved while 92 countries have deteriorated.

Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, and South America are four of the most peaceful areas which have recorded deteriorations.  South America is recorded biggest deterioration entirely with falling in the domain as security and safety, this is because of increase in terrorism impact and incarnation rate.

What do you think, is the world is getting a safer place to live or a worse place to live? Is there anything we can do to make a world to be a better place to live? India is doing better or needs to improve further as its ancient commitment to OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti? 



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