A New Bug Has Been Found in iPhones: What You Must Know?

A New Bug found in iPhones
A New Bug found in iPhones

Recently, a security researcher has found a new bug that would cause harm to iOS devices. The bug effectively crashes and restarts any iOS device.

Sabri Haddouche tweeted about the bug which is simply the code written in 15 lines. It has also been said that the bug is not only affecting the iOS devices as it can freeze Safari on Mac when one opens the link.

Along with the source code, Haddouche posted the bug on Github which is simply a typical code of HTML and CSS. The bug has also been tested on Windows 7 systems where users have reported that the Safari app is freezing and crashing significantly.

However, the bug did not crash iPhones when users raising the link by using Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Why does it freeze iOS devices?

Haddouche explained TechCrunch “The code exploits a weakness in iOS’ web rendering engine WebKit, which Apple mandates all apps and browsers use,” He further explained that “nesting a ton of elements — such as “div” tags — inside a backdrop filter property in CSS, you can use up all of the device’s resources and cause a kernel panic, which shuts down and restarts the operating system to prevent damage.”

A New Bug found in iPhones
A New Bug found in iPhones

“Anything that renders HTML on iOS is affected”, said Haddouche to TechCrunch which simply means that iPhones, iPads, and the Safari browser will get affected when anybody sends the link through an email, social media as well as a text message.

9to5Mac further explained that the bug overloads the WebKit renderer that makes the system paralyzed. As a result, this leads the system to reboot because it can only recover or regenerate the Kernel.

How Does Bug look like?

Have a look at the view of system reboot when users click on the bug link:

iOS users must be little cautious while using their devices as the bug would cause a lot of harm to their devices.


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