Bigg Boss Season 12: Anup Jalota & Girlfriend Jasleen Matharu Confirms Their Relationship, Dating Since past-3-Years

Anup Jalota
Anup Jalota

The 65-year-old veteran bhajan singer Anup Jalota is again in limelight as Bigg Boss 12 contestant.

The father of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss Season 12 is being hosted by Salman Khan.

The latest season of Bigg Boss Season 12 kicks off as “Vichitra Jodi” hence Jalota entered the show with her student Jasleen Matharu who is 37 years younger than him.

As singer by Profession Jasleen Matharu is dating Anup Jalota since past-3-years. Although Anup Jalota has denied his relationship with Jasleen, the latter confirms that they are together since past three years. Jasleen also revealed that no one is aware about their love affair and now her parents will also get shock by this news.

Jasleen Matharu
Jasleen Matharu

As per reports Jasleen revealed that, “This is going to come as a huge shock to my parents and friends as no one is aware about my relationship with Anup Jalota ji, we have been dating each other for the last three and a half years. We usually don’t get time to spend time with each other in the outside world because of our busy schedule, but now with the help of Big Boss we will get to do so. Also, we will get to know if we can stay together forever”.

When asked who is dominating in their relationship, she says, “It’s me, of course. Actually I am the most pampered in the house and even Anup ji understands this. So whenever I behave a little moody, he handles the situation.”

The singer, who has been a part of Mika Singh’s troupe, shared that she would never want Anup Jalota to say sorry to her, she said, “I don’t want him to say sorry to me. Honestly, there hasn’t been a situation where we had to apologize to each other. He is elder to me, so I wouldn’t want him to say sorry to me.

When questioned if she has ever faced any problem because of the age gap between them, Jasleen explained, “Age gap has never bothered us and now once we go inside the house we will get to know the real reaction of people about our relationship. Since now nobody knew anything. So whether good, bad or ugly, we will get reactions from the house”.

Furthermore, Jasleen added that she is a warrior and knows how to silence people with her words. “I won’t sit quite if someone purposely picks a fight with me. I think I am capable of making them quite with words. I am a warrior and will make sure to teach that person as lesson”.


On being asked if she will hold back her feelings for Anup Jalota on national television, “I won’t hold back myself in showing proximity with Anup ji if I am feeling low. I don’t think there is anything wrong in hugging someone. My relationship with Anup ji is very pure and it is going to stay the same even in the Bigg Boss house. Having said that, if I am feeling low and need a shoulder to lean on, I won’t hesitate to show my feelings for him on national television.”

She skipped the question on marriage plans and stated, “I won’t answer this question right now. Let me go inside the house and things will go from there on.”

The social media is flooded by the trolls of the two beloved Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu.

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