Rupee Inclined Against Dollar at Weekend Inches to 71 Levels: Five Points Need to Know



Good news for Rupees, In Friday rupee inclined against US Dollar by 35 paise and ended at 71.84, a narrow escape from the recent session’s registered lows. After the finance minister assured that ‘government along with the Reserve bank of India will do “everything” to ensure that the Indian rupee would not slide below to “unreasonable mark”.’  One of the reasons that supported the rupee inclination in the forex market is the fragility in US dollar according to the analysts.

INR vs USD: Five Points to know about the Inclination of rupees against US Dollar

  1. Before settling in the day at 71.84, the Rupee is in the range between 71.94-71.52 against US dollar. After six days, rupee touches the 71 marks against Dollar.
  2. Six major currencies are measured by dollar index. According to it in these six major currencies, there is low of one and half month in these currencies. The measures of greenback were taken by dollar index after US inflation data which was weaker than assumption and retrieving in the emerging market.
  3. PM Modi scheduled the meeting on the Saturday with Forex Traders, the review of the meeting was taken any measures to curb the declination and prop the rupee up.
  4. The domestic stock markets strengthen also supported the Indian Rupee. It resulted the Sensex got closed at 372 points higher and closed at 38,090. NSE Nifty got higher 145 points and settled with 11,515. A nudge by healthy advances in financial services, banking, energy, pharma stocks, and metal made the indices risen.
  5. In this year rupee gets depreciated more than 12 percent in comparison of US Dollar, which ranked up Indian Rupee position in the worst performing currency in Asia. Last week, rupee got settle at 12 paise in comparison of the US Dollar.


What’s your view on the reason of the inclination and declination of Rupee? Should we satisfy this small point of inclination?



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