Investigate Fake News or Face legal Action, Govt Sent Second Notice to WhatsApp


The government sent the second notice to WhatsApp and claimed it to be abettors if WhatsApp fail to respond to the circulation of fake news adequately.

The government has issued a second legal notice to WhatApp asking for more rigorous action with respect to the circulation of rumors.

The rumor about the software engineer who was hanged by a mob over child lifting Stretched widely on social media including WhatsApp, in Bidar, Karnataka.

Warning has been sent to Facebook-owned Company that “if they remain mute spectators” then they have to face legal action.

The statement in the second notice by US-based messaging platform, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology demanded WhatsApp to come out with “more effective solutions” to prevent such violations.

Investigate Fake news or Face legal action, Govt Sent Second Notice to WhatsApp
Investigate Fake news or Face legal action, Govt Sent Second Notice to WhatsApp

“When rumors and fake news get propagated by mischief mongers, the medium used for such propagation cannot evade responsibility and accountability.

If they remain, mute spectators, they are liable to be treated as abettors and thereafter face consequent legal action,” says Government.

Although, WhatsApp has responded and highlighted the initiative to detect the fake news no effective results came into existence.

“Reports in the media resonate the general sentiment that there is much more that needs to be done by WhatsApp. There is a need for bringing in traceability and accountability when a provocative/inflammatory message is detected and a request is made by law enforcement agencies.”

After the first notice, the center got no elicits the response from the WhatsApp and stated: “enormity of the challenge and the rampant abuse happening in the country leading to the repeated commissioning of crimes pursuant to the rampant circulation of irresponsible messages in large volumes on their platform have not been addressed adequately by Whatsapp.”

Dozens of people have been beaten up by the crowds because of the false news through WhatsApp. The government took a strong stand and wrote to California-based Company its “deep disapproval” of the app and demanded immediate action to prevent misinformation through “right technology”.

In a recent update, WhatsApp has set a limit on forwarding message where a user can only forward the message to five chats at a time. It also promised to remove the quick forward button which is available in the application.

Let us see how this new move would help in preventing violations and misinformation among the masses. We will keep sending you the latest updates.



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