Airtel Removes FUP Limit on their Broadband Plans to Counter Jio GigaFiber


Bharti Airtel has started removing Fixed Usage Policy Limits (FUP limits) on Broadband Plans to counter Jio GigaFiber Broadband. The company has started removing the FUP limits in Hyderabad right now in the initial phase.

Considering the launch of Jio GigaFiber that has speeds up to 1Gbps, Airtel has started countering Jio by removing Fixed Usage Policy limits. There are fine prints to that so read below.

The plans have rolled out only in Hyderabad and have streamlined only for that city. The plan count has been decreased from five to four. Now, Airtel’s plans start from ₹349 up to ₹1,299. Airtel has also started giving discounts of up to 20% on Broadband Plans to customers who opt for Six months or yearly plans of Broadband.



For example, in Hyderabad, before removing of FUP the ₹799 plan has FUP of 100GB. Now, users can opt for ₹349 plan through which they can opt for the 8MBPS plan with unlimited 8MBPS connections and unlimited GB. Same for the highest plan in Hyderabad for ₹1,299. In that users will get 100MBPS speeds along with unlimited GB.

The change in Airtel Broadband plans came after the launch of Jio GigaFiber that promises users of Up to 1Gbps Internet speeds.

What do you think about Airtel removing the FUP limits in Hyderabad? and how will it counter Jio in Broadband?

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