Delhi Metro Staff Threaten to Land on Strike from Tomorrow- What is DMRC Staff Demanding?

Delhi Metro Staff Threaten to Land on Strike from Tomorrow
Delhi Metro Staff Threaten to Land on Strike from Tomorrow

Delhi Metro Services might be terribly affected from June 30, 2018 the inclusive staff of the transporter has threatened to go on strike, if their demands are not fulfilled by then.

Delhi Metro accounts for nearly 12,000 people employed with the transporter, along with non-executive staff, which accounts for around 9,000 employees.

Even, some of the non-executive staff of DMRC have already started their strike since June 19 to support their eight-point demand at Yamuna Bank and Shahdara metro station.
The non-executive workforce includes Station Controllers, Train Operator, Operation & Maintenance Staff, and Technicians, who are credited as the major components in the operation of the rapid rail network.

DMRC Staff Demands

However, some of the council members are objecting on several issues including Pay-Scale Revision, Proper Guidelines for Sacking of an Employee and that too in Extreme Conditions, Modification of DMRC Staff Council as an Employees Union and so on and so forth.

The council said that the demands have been sent to Delhi Metro Authorities and Union Urban Affairs Ministry.

“Our first demand is that that the DMRC Staff Council be changed to a DMRC employees union as the council is not a constitutional body and so, it does not have any teeth. Other demands include implementation of our Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) as per the 3rd pay revision Scale,” as stated by council’s secretary, Ravi Bhardwaj.

DMRC Staff Demands
DMRC Staff Demands

A senior DMRC official, when contacted, said: “There is a possibility of services shutting down if no agreement is reached, but we are hopeful of reaching a resolution.”
He also claimed that during these protests over the past several days “metro services have not been affected.”

In a statement issued later in the evening, the DMRC stated, “In connection with the HR issues pertaining to a section of the employees in the DMRC, this is to inform that a meeting was held today at the office of the Regional Labor Commissioner (RLC). All the issues raised by the employees are under discussion and all possible efforts are being made to reach a mutually acceptable resolution as early as possible,”

Council’s secretary, Ravi Bhardwaj has announced a meeting tomorrow morning on June 30, which includes drivers, station controller, and other staff members.

Subsequently, when the DMRC did not take cognizance of our demands, we went on symbolic hunger strike, when many of our members did not consume food while on duty and demonstrated by sitting on platforms.”

If our demands are not met by June 29, we will go on complete hunger strike and work in that condition, and drivers will drive trains in that condition. And, if anything happens to our members or to commuters then the DMRC shall be responsible for it,” added Ravi Bhardwaj.

Moreover, he claims, “Even then if our voices are not heard by DMRC authorities, we will completely stop work from June 30.”

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