No Aadhaar Access for Online Wallets: Check your Aadhar Update History


Paytm will be able to access your AADHAAR details but not Airtel Money, Let’s find out why?


Soon Online Wallets will not be able to access your Aadhaar

The UIDAI has released many different updates and changes to the Aadhaar system in a few days that it will affect you both indirectly as well as directly.The latest one being Mobile Wallets will soon be banned from accessing your Aadhaar database because of security and other reasons. Hold on. Every wallet is not facing this ban. Paytm can access your Aadhaar but Airtel Money does not have this authority!

In a different news related to Aadhaar, UIDAI has given the authority to everyone to download their Aadhar data.

UIDAI banned Wallets from Accessing Aadhaar!

The Unique Identification Authority of India has found out based on security checks and feedback that all mobile wallets doesn’t have the required security systems for protection of user related database.  This is the main reason that UIDAI has banned 90% of online wallets to access Aadhaar data and wallets have to find other sources of identification for KYC.

UIDAI has issued a letter last month, which said:

“Some entities required to verify clients with Aadhaar number may not have the requisite security systems needed to use or store these numbers and have been precluded from the list of global AUAs.”

It means some apps like PhonePe, Mobikwik and some other will not be able to use Aadhaar as a means of identification as KYC. The Founder of PhonePe and the CEO of Mobikwik has commented that they are not happy with the decision of UIDAI and they are stuck in the middle with many KYCs of users.

But UIDAI has allowed Paytm to access Aadhaar and found the security protocols applied by Paytm as perfect.

Now you can download your Aadhaar update History

UIDAI has given permission to users to download their Aadhaar information.

UIDAI CEO Ajay Singh told:

“This is yet another innovative and useful facility through which people can now obtain their own Aadhaar update history from the UIDAI’s website and can use it in support of their assertion of address, etc.”

For this you can follow these steps:

  • GO to Aadhar website and tap on Aadhar update history.
  • You will be greeted with a popup where you can enter Aadhar ID or Virtual ID.
  • On the last level you will receive an OTP which you have to enter to access and download your Aadhaar data.

What do you think about this facility to download your Aadhaar info?

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