On-Demand Hiring By TCS for AI Forces: Infosys Will Hire 6000 More Americans

On-Demand Hiring By TCS for AI Forces: Infosys Will Hire 6000 More Americans
On-Demand Hiring By TCS for AI Forces: Infosys Will Hire 6000 More Americans

Some interesting development have emerged on the job sector front. TCS will adopt on-demand hiring for AI forces.

India’s first $100 billion IT service company TCS will now resort to on-demand hiring, this may sound hypothetical but the reason behind this is Artificial Intelligence.

Meanwhile, Infosys has said they will keep on hiring Americans for next few months.

TCS Will Soon Adopt On-Demand Hiring

Due to increasing use of automation and AI in the delivery process is activating gigantic changes in the job sector.

TCS has admitted that due to such transformations, they have now adopted to on-demand hiring.

Ajoyendra Mukherjee, Global HR head, and EVP of TCS has confirmed this development, as he said,


“Analytics, IoT (Internet of Things) and automation is changing the entire delivery process. We are going for hiring in an agile way which is on-demand,”


On-demand hiring means that recruitment process would kick-in, only when there is a demand. Earlier, most of the IT companies used to hire in expectation of requirement.

As per TCS, they have given offer letters to 20,000 employees, via campus selection, and 4000 have been employed off-campus.

TCS has confirmed that there won’t be any firing, due to increase in automation. In fact, they are more into reskilling and retraining of employees as of now.

Infosys Will Enroll 6000 More Americans

Meanwhile, Infosys, one of the top three Indian IT services company has confirmed that they will keep on hiring Americans.

In fact, in the next few months, 6000 more Americans would be enrolled.

They have already hired 4000 Americans for various IT jobs in their American campuses.

Last year we had reported that Infosys will step up local hiring in the US, and approximately 10,000 Americans would be hired by them.

During the Morgan Stanley’s Twentieth Annual India Summit, Salil Parekh who is the CEO of Infosys said,


“Out of our target for 10,000 local hires, we have achieved 4,000 local hires. We made 800 colleges hires in FY18, we are looking at getting that to 1,000 in the next year,”


Last year in the month of August, Vishal Sikka had suddenly resigned as Infosys CEO, and Salil had taken over.

Infosys’ local hiring plan has been mainly activated after President Trump signed the controversial ‘Buy American, Hire American’ order, which is indirectly forced any company operating in the US to give first preference to locals.

Infosys has recapitulated that strict visa norms in the US won’t hamper their growth.

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