Role of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Need Identification

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence or which we called AI is not a topic which we consider in the novellas Science fiction. It became the reality in today’s world and helps to promise the future. According to the analytics, it is creating a new measure in the healthcare, smart homes and the customer engagement amongst other. According to a survey, 100% of the organizations who are doing great work depends upon the Artificial Intelligence.

How effective Artificial Intelligence in daily life?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Companies are less depending on the human to human interaction with the chat-bots. If we talk about the E-bay chat-bots, it acts as the shopping assistant enquiring customers about the need of the customers and helps them by giving options. Bots are diminishing the customer care executives from the work of doing or handling the calls so that they can easily solve the problem without any issue.

There is no need of an executive for doing greet to the consumers on every time when they make a call and asked for the problem and name of the customer.

A chat-bot will be available on the right of the messenger in the customer’s phone and know much more about the customer. For example, it easily knows about the visit of the customer on a new place or a country and it started suggesting the places according to the interest of the customer and helps them to know about how they get a cab. The effectiveness of the chat-bots for the companies also works in all their pervasive nature.

Customers love the chat-bot because it helps them to ease their living by having the chat-bot hotels booking, flights booking for the customers and chatbots also gives the fashion tips, suggestions for the restaurant and order food online service to the customers.

Potential of AI in Expecting Customer’s Needs:

There are two different potential of Artificial Intelligence which is the reason for all these improvements- machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). Machine learning is the process which processes a large amount of customer’s data and helps the companies to learn about the customer in an easy manner and create solutions for their problems.

Natural language processing system which helps the consumers to interact with the AI software’s such as chat-bots with their technology of processing and interpret the voice and text messages. The perfect example of the chat-bots are personal assistant of Amazon “Alexa” and another is Apple’s “Siri”.

Advantages of the Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence seems like the reality and it is advantaged by the big brand and companies like Facebook, Google, Pizza Hut, Sephora and much more. Predictive analytics makes the Artificial Intelligence increasingly proficient by making sense of both unstructured and structured data, AI will keep trying to make and match the human reasoning and making the decision.

Artificial Intelligence is sailing on algorithms of machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing and generation making the customer analysis more natural compared to the traditional methods. AI helps the companies to make and improve their Customers analysis and stir up the useful insights for last marketing which allows the marketers to automate the prospecting process and marketing campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence helps the brands and companies across an excess of the domain like the development of the new product, outbound marketing, customer support etc. All these given trends are just a starting of a new revolution about to adjust the dynamics of the customer marketer.


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