WhatsApp Payment Option: Expected to Roll Out Next Week!


WhatsApp Payment is soon going to available for all the users. It is going to be a good available option for the money transfer. As before WhatsApp introduced this feature but only for the some users, and to make this feature available WhatsApp gives the invite system for the people who want to add this feature on their WhatsApp. But now, as per the source, a news comes that WhatsApp is going to roll out the Payment Option within the next week for all the Indian users of WhatsApp.

As per the information, WhatsApp decided to speed up the rollout because of the market competition from the Payments Apps is increasing day by day like Paytm, Google Tez and all the other Apps which provide this service.

Basically when WhatsApp has been introduced, it was just a messenger where users have only option to do text, but day by day WhatsApp is going to be updated and nowadays WhatsApp is having all the features which every app have, even a feature where you can delete your sanded message within a limited period of time. Except for the above-given feature, all the feature of WhatsApp and all the messenger Apps are quite similar.

WhatsApp Payments: Better Step for Digital India

WhatsApp is the most popular App as a messenger, and basically, everyone is spending most of their time on WhatsApp. It’s a good option given by the WhatsApp to their Indian users because WhatsApp is the highly used messenger App in India. This feature of WhatsApp helps India to develop the Option of digital payment and also helps India to become Cashless India.

WhatsApp is UPI-enabled, and it is the most important feature of WhatsApp. As from now, WhatsApp became the partner with the big banks like Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and the HDFC BANK for the transactions processing. As STATE Bank of India is a government bank so it takes time to for WhatsApp to be a partner with SBI.

WhatsApp soon makes the digital payment very simple for its users. WhatsApp provides an option where while doing chats users can easily send or receive money, they don’t need to leave the chat box for the payments. It makes the process very simple. WhatsApp is basically used in very areas of India, even is rural areas, so it’s a good opportunity for India to boost up the digitalization also in the rural areas and helps India to become cashless India. 

Big Competitors in the Market:

As WhatsApp is the most famous App in India, but it’s not sure that WhatsApp beat the other payment Apps in the market. There is a tough competition for WhatsApp in the world of digital payment option. Everyone knows that Paytm is one the biggest app in the scenario of payment transfer and it also allows the users to do chat while making payment and doing any transaction. In this case Paytm is the advanced app in the competition of WhatsApp.

Paytm is the biggest App which is used to make digital payment in India. Every shopkeeper or retailer or everyone is using Paytm to make digital payment. As everyone knows that during the time of demonetization 2016 in India, Paytm is highly used payment transfer app, and it also became famous after that scenario also many of the apps come in the form of digital payment like BHIM, Tez, PhonePe and Jio Money etc.

Is WhatsApp payment option helps to improve the scenario of digital payment in India? Please give your comments below and let us know that how useful WhatsApp for making the digital payment.





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