Spend Summer with Google Summer Camp for Children- What Makes it different?

Spend -Summer- with- Google- Summer -Camp -for- Children- What Makes it different
Spend -Summer- with- Google- Summer -Camp -for- Children- What Makes it different

Summer with Google is a new initiative launched by Google for Children across the country.  This one of a kind summer camp will be education mixed with a fun trip for children. Google wants to teach young India to become more responsible web explorers.

#SummerWithGoogle is already trending calling all the parents and children to join this interesting initiative by the company.  Sunita Mohanty, Country’s Lead & director (Trust & Safety), Google India has posted an open letter asking parents and children to participate together in this camp.

What will Summer with Google Teach Children?

Children participating in the activity have to go through 4 weeks run up after which only 100 children along with their parents will be sent off to different camps.

  • The camp will be held at Google Campus in Gurgaon and Hyderabad
  • Participants will have to complete 4 assignment to get shortlisted in top 100
  • All these assignments will be completed in chronological as all these assignments are interlinked to capture the interest of children.

In her open letter, Mohanty stated that “Each assignment will be linked to the previous one, so it’s important you take out that one hour in a week, and carry positive marking for every correct answer you give. There will be subjective questions too, that will bring alive every child’s creativity and imagination.”

These Assignment Designed by Google will Teach 4 Things to Children:

  1. Internet Alert
  2. Internet Smart
  3. Internet Brave and
  4. Internet Strong

It is important for children to know how to use internet smartly and vigilantly. Learning these strengths will help children to be responsible for their own action.

Spend Summer with Google Summer Camp for Children- What Makes it different?
Spend Summer with Google Summer Camp for Children- What Makes it different?

#SummerWithGoogle- What are 4 Tasks?

This initiative is first of its kind to be unveiled by Google in India. Keeping this in mind the team has designed creative task which participants will have to complete using Google’s tools.

  1. Google Earth – Participants will be able to explore the place that is known as the home of pandas in the world in real-time.
  2. Google Translate– This tool will help children learn Spanish language using a translator.
  3. Google Arts & Culture – using this tool child will be able to create their own gallery by taking virtual tours to different museums. The last assignment will have children building their own simple app.
  4. Build your own app– After experiencing and completing above assignments children will be asked to build their own app using their creativity.

All of the above tasks will also have a question based on the 4 fundamental codes of big Internet Awesome.


Looking forward to making it a successful initiative Google has partnered with Kidzania. It has set-up a Summer with Google experience zone where children can learn about being safe on the Internet with the help of virtual tours.

“As a parent myself, it has always been a challenge for me to engage my kids meaningfully, summer after summer. And the struggle is real for many more parents, Therefore, we partnered with our product leaders to bring parents, a series of activities they can do along with their kids to make this a memorable summer, asserts Sunita Mohanty, Director, Trust, and Safety, Google India.

How to Participate In the Google Summer Camp?

The first Assignment for the participants is present online. Starting from May 28 4 exciting assignments will be shared on four consecutive Mondays. Team up with your kid to solve them

  1. All the rule and regulations, terms and condition are given on Google’s Event page
  2. Click here- Summer camp with Google
  3. Log in to your Gmail account and go to the page carefully.
  4. Read all the terms and condition and register
  5. The first assignment is already uploaded click here to start solving it – Assignment 1

Important Terms and Conditions- Summer Camp with Google

  • Age Group of 13-18 are eligible to participate in the camp activities
  • All children should be Indian national residing in India
  • Participants should have permission from their guardian to be a part of summer camp.
  • Assignments must be submitted directly to Google.
  • Opening date of entries is May 28, 2018, and the closing date is June 24, 2018.
  • All submission should be made online
  • Minimum 30 and maximum 100 finalists will be announced
  • The finalist will be notified on or before June 26. 2018

For more details of terms and condition on Google Summer Camp Click here- Terms and Conditions.

Google Summer Camp by Google is a creative way to keep your child busy. So grab this opportunity and make the best use of it.

We will keep you updated as the Google uploads more assignment and latest information.

Share your queries and questions ion the comment section below.


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