Robot 2.0 Teaser Launch: Rajnikanth Against Akshay Kumar, Watch Video Live

Robot 2.0 Teaser Launch
Robot 2.0 Teaser Launch

Robot 2.0 teaser brings out Rajanikanth against Akshay Kumar with some steller CGI and attractive music by AR Rahman.

2.0 yeaser has just arrived and Rajanikanth and Akshay Kumar are the astonishing stars of the epic film. Directed by Shankar and the CGI crew.

Moreover, the two stars, we see the special effects right from the first shot of birds circling a body hanging from a giant electricity tower to scenes straight out of Godzilla and other Hollywood monster movies.

Crested from a massive amount which accounts around Rs 540 Crore, the Robot sequel presents Rajinikanth as scientist Vaseegaran and Akshay as the antagonist Richard. However, the first takeaway from 2.0 teaser are its special effects.

In true Hollywood style, we see the shadow of a monster bird as it flies over skyscrapers. This is Akshay Kumar’s Richard, an eccentric scientist who transforms into the super villain Crow. Other than the silhouette of the bird, we see Akshay in one more shot of 2.0 teaser as the process of his transformation is underway the famous first look that leaked a few years ago.

Fighting Akshay is Rajinikanth as scientist Vaseegaran and the robot Chitti. As people and their mobile phones become the target of this super villain, our superhero Chitti or maybe a thousand Chittis come together to fight this problem “beyond science”.

Go and watch the teaser of Robot 2.0 Now and let us know in the comment section below.

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