Google Go App Can Now Read Out Web Pages aloud, Available in 28 Languages

Google Go App Can Now Read Out Web Pages aloud, Available in 28 Languages
Google Go App Can Now Read Out Web Pages aloud, Available in 28 Languages

A tailor-made app for Google search for India, Google go was launched last year. Google Go made the search easy for Android user and it increased the consumption of information among users. Shashidhar Thakur, VP engineering, Search, Google stated, the analysis shows that in last 12 months 50 % of Indian are using mobile search every single day.

Adding more improvement to Google Go it can now to read web pages aloud and highlight the text in real time.

Available in 28 Languages

This feature is now available for users in support of Android go, this features can be accessed by the user in 28 languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, and Tamil. The new features will be available in all countries where Google go was launched earlier.   The announcement was made at the 4th edition of ‘Google for India’

Thakur said that “For Search to be truly helpful, it should bring you useful content, in all the languages you understand.” He added “that this new feature is inspired by user research in India. Google heard from people how important it is to understand information effortlessly. Especially for people coming online for the first time, consuming long-form text on a small device can be difficult and time-consuming. With this new feature, users can just press play and follow along.”

Google Go App Can Now Read Out Web Pages aloud, Available in 28 Languages
Google Go App Can Now Read Out Web Pages aloud, Available in 28 Languages

Google Go uses AI

Google Go uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to read the text in the browser in the most natural language sounds. Using AI Google can read billion of pages in at least 28 languages. AI will also have the ability to decide which text is to be read and which needs to be left out.

The feature can be helpful to those who are trying to learn new languages. it will also be helpful to those with visual or reading impairments, and when the user is involved in multi-tasking.

The feature will work with 2G connection also and will consume fewer data.

Rajan Anandan, vice president, India, and Southeast Asia said “The first internet users in India consumed English-language content on their PCs, and later, their high-end smartphones. Today, however, there is a generation of Internet users with completely different needs – where their first and only Internet experience is via a touch-screen and not a keyboard. We have a responsibility to make sure that our products work well for every one of these users. Many of India’s new internet users favor listening and speaking over reading the text. That’s why we’re launching a new feature in Google Go that lets you listen to web pages,”

Learn New Language Easily

The user will be able to view definition in Hindi and English along with the example sentence, this will help more people to learn a new language. As for learning a new language, the feature will also break the down phonetics to learn the correct pronunciation.

The new feature of reading a text aloud by Google Go has been launched after seeing that sometimes reading a long text on a small device become difficult and also it is time-consuming.

Project Navlekha

Besides the Google Go, the company has also made other announcement regarding what they had done in India and what are the Further plans. Google Play, Feed, Assistant as well as its bread and butter, Search are several features that were talked about at the 4th edition of ‘Google for India’

The Company has also made the announcement about launching a new service, Project Navlekha, which will make PDF files of offline publications ready for publishing online.

With Project Navlekha, Google plans to get offline newspapers and other print publications online. According to the company, there are more than 135,000 newspapers and magazines in India that do not have any websites, project Navlekha, will help such publication to convert PDF files and make them print ready in 60 seconds.

Navlekha will work using AI to convert PDF files with regional language content into editable text.

Google Go

Google Go’s new feature will help Google to make the usability of search feature easier in India. The company says that they are planning to launch dictation features on other Google products as well.


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