IIT Kanpur TreadWill – an Online Tool to Help Mental Health Issues

IIT Kanpur TreadWill – an online tool to help Mental health Issue
IIT Kanpur TreadWill – an online tool to help Mental health Issue

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur has recently developed an online tool that helps the people to cope up with the issues related to their mental health.

IIT Kanpur TreadWill – an online tool to help Mental health Issue
IIT Kanpur TreadWill – an online tool to help Mental health Issue

TreadWill – for People suffering from depression, Stress, low mood

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, has come up with an online tool that helps the people who are suffering from depression, stress, low mood, lethargy and any other mental issues to recover and live their life back on the road. The tool helps to recover from the symptoms through different online exercises, questionnaires, and games which let the people find this content of the site useful.

Furthermore, this tool has brought light to the dark issue of mental health and will be helping people to tackle the anxiety, exhaustion, stress and full-blown depression successfully. The tool is based on cognitive behavioural therapy helping people to fight against the depressive symptoms. The CBT is very effective for the mental illness, including mood and anxiety disorder.

The TreadWill is all about wrestling with own thoughts – the features

The online tool has been developed by a team with collaborative support from the Computer Science and Engineering and HSS (psychology) Departments. The TreadWill follows very simple language which helps the users to identify involuntary negative thoughts and behavior. The tool also works on modifying the thoughts and the actions of the users.

With the simple questionnaire, the online tool can perceive the deviation in ethnic history of each user to customize it accordingly. It would further help users by sending them alerts through SMS to help them stick to their program until they finish it.

The TreadWill uses the very simple forms i.e. worksheet, core belief worksheet, and interesting games to practice the techniques of CBT in a pleasant manner. The games help the people to put more focus on social engagement as a means of the battle against the mental health issues.

The Research team will send an email to the users in 90 days after finishing up the program to check the long-term effectiveness of the online programme.

TreadWill lets you share the tool with Peer Groups

TreadWill encourages their users to use the support groups to share the experience they had and to get more support from other users. These smaller groups are called the Peer Groups in which they can follow each other privately.

This seems like an interesting initiative taken up by IIT-K. in the country like India where mental health is still not considered as a serious illness, tool like TreadWill is set out make a difference.

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