Little Master, Sunil Gavaskar Turns 69 today-   What makes him the Legend of Indian Cricket?

Little Master, Sunil Gavaskar Turns 69 today-   What makes him the Legend of Indian Cricket?
Little Master, Sunil Gavaskar Turns 69 today-   What makes him the Legend of Indian Cricket?

Sunil ‘Sunny’ Gavaskar has turned 69 today. The little master is among the finest player of Indian Cricket team.

At the time when pitches around the world were not in the favor of the batsman, Gavsakar stayed on the top of batting charts. His great batting skills and fearless attitude made him popular among cricket fans around the world.

Gavaskar has played for Indian Cricket team for 16 long years, he retired from the game in November 1987

Let’s look at what makes Sunil Gavaskar the legend of Indian Cricket.

First to score 10,000

He was the first cricketer to score 10,000 runs in test cricket. He achieved this milestone on March 7th, 1987 while playing against Pakistan at Ahmedabad, in total he scored 10,122 in test cricket.

25 Centuries – scored highest centuries

Gavaskar holds the records for scoring highest centuries for a long time. He scored 24 centuries in 125 test matches. His record was taken over by Sachin Tendulkar in 2005.

On his Birthday Sehwag Twitted his best wishes to the man and  acknowledged hime for making Indian cricketers ‘Dabbang’

13 centuries only against West Indies

West Indies was one the favorite team of Gavaskar to play against. The Windies were among top team in the 70s and 80s but then also Sunil Gavaskar Scored the total of 13 centuries against the team in 27 matches.

774 against West Indies

Sunil Gavaskar went on to becoming the only Indian cricketer to score 774 against West Indies.

VVS Laxman also Tweeted the birthday wishes to his Childhood hero-

“Birthday Greetings to my childhood hero and inspiration, Sunil Gavaskar. Playing fearlessly against the most fearsome bowlers in their own conditions, he instilled courage and belief in many young Indian batsmen. Have a great day and year ahead, Sunny Bhai”

127 not out

He became the first Indian to carry his bat throughout the innings. He Scored 127 not in the innings while playing the test against Pakistan in Faisalabad.

Maiden Century- 13 years 110 days

Sunil Gavaskar made his maiden century after 13 years when he started playing. This is considered as the longest time span for any player to have scored his first century.


Strike rate of Sunil Gavaskar in the 1975 world cup game played against England was 20.68. Gavaskar scored 36* off 174. It is the lowest of all time for any player in ODI.

Awards and Honours

Sunil Gavaskar was honored with the Padma Bhushan Award in 1980 for his successful international career as an Indian Batsman. He received an award from then-president  Neelam Sanjiv Reddy.

In 2012 he was honored with BCCI’s most prestigious Col. CK Nayadu Lifetime Achievement Award.

Not just new high he also made a record for new low, we are sure he takes it as a good joke now. The man has been and is still an inspiration to lots of budding players.

ICC Also wished the legendary cricketer quoting that “One of the finest openers of all time. The first man to pass 10,000 Test runs. A stunning 34 Test centuries. Happy birthday to one of India’s true legends, Sunil Gavaskar!”

Responsible corporate would like to wish Little Master a very Happy Birthday. We hope he keeps inspiring the youth of our country.



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