Apple Plans to kill the Lightening Connector in iPhones


Like iPhones many companies have tried copying the features of iPhone X whether trying to copy notch or removing the fingerprint scanner from their phone or the option of Face Unlock.

Many companies denied copying these features in their phones. As you can see by the trends of 2018, One Plus added a Notch to the display of One Plus 6.

Apple in 2016 made a move and called “courage” by removing the 3.5 mm Headphone Jack in iPhone 7 launch.

After including the option of Wireless Charging in iPhone X, Apple is not been able to ship their AirPower accessory for Wireless Charging of Apple Devices.


Now the sources are providing news that the  Apple wants to remove the option of Wired Charging and the Lightning port from their iPhones to move towards a wireless future.

According to the experts, the designers at Apple are now hoping to remove most external ports and buttons from iPhones along with the traditional charging methods. The headsets and other accessories will be connected through the wireless means by an iPhone.

Apple also wants to remove all the physical buttons from iPhones in the near future to provide the whole screen experience on their iPhones.

Although we are still years away from these iPhones in which Apple is trying to figure out how to remove the last port left in iPhones. Let’s hope Apple takes time to move us towards a Port less future.

What do you think about the Wireless technology?

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