Kerala Govt. Will soon adopt Blockchain for E-Governance Projects



Kerala Govt. is going big with IoT and Blockchain technology for E-Governance

Kerala Govt. set a standard in e-Governance by launching many exciting projects that run on Blockchain technology.

Kerala Govt. adopting Blockchain technology in Supply-Chain

These projects are exciting and can be a base for the further research on Blockchain Technology and can impact the life of common man.

Andhra Pradesh, last year became the first state of India to adopt Blockchain based E-Governance methods. Kerala has become the second state to adopt these technologies.

Blockchain will optimize the Supply-chain of Milk and Fish.

In simple terms, the Blockchain creates a Tamper-Proof distributed ledger and this ledger can be updated from many different locations.

Blockchain combined with IoT along with different hardware attached to it can be a strong platform.

Kerala Govt. has taken the decision for using the Blockchain technology in fast moving goods like vegetables, Fish, and Milk in their state.

The project will be led by Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC) which is the main thinking power behind new technologies in Kerala.

How will Blockchain solve the supply chain issues?

A Huge issue in the supply chain is the problem of corruption and quantity reported does not match with the actual quantity. Blockchain will solve this problem.

For Example, for the supply of Milk the Kerala Govt. has decided that they will monitor full journey of Milk Distribution on all points i.e. from Milk Dairies to trucks and from Warehouses to distribution points.

The Govt. has decided that every container and route will have special ID codes for tracking. These RFIDs will track the journey of Milk from start to the destination.

Similarly, this technology is also used in the distribution of fishes from lakes into Freezers and into the hands of the customers.

Kerala Govt. also launched ABCD

The Govt. Of Kerala also launched Accelerated Blockchain Competency Development (ABCD). The ABCD scheme will generate mass employment and will help in the creation of many experts of Blockchain in Kerala. These experts can further create many applications and tools on Blockchain technology.

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