New Gmail Design – What’s the Inspiration behind Google’s new Approach?

Gmail- New-Design
Gmail- New-Design

Google will fully move the users to the New Design of Gmail. We will find out what’s the inspiration behind Gmail’s design team to provide a new look and what’s in for the users.

Gmail- New-Design

Google has decided to move the users to the new Email design and remove the old UI for Gmail completely, with all the changes from next month.

Gmail New Design 2018

The Latest Redesign of Gmail is fantastic news for the users that were waiting for a design refresh of Gmail for years now. Gmail has kept the design of its mail the same for many years and it worked well until it started lacking many features and users got bored seeing that same design.

Inspiration behind the New Gmail Design:

Users always complained about the Slow Performance of Gmail.

The inspiration behined the Gmail Design Refresh is to iron out many issues both in terms of looks but under the hood changes that work in favour of Gmail for providing with great User Experience or UX.

We will be talking about all thec hanges that Gmail brought to you in its Gmail 2018 update. Let’s start…

  • Refreshing New Look of Gmail:


The icons on the main page of Gmail has become a little smaller and the whole User Interface is designed for Google Material Design 2018.

  • Ease of Access – For Calendar, Widgets and tasks and much more:

See on the right side of New Gmail 2018 design and you will see some icons after yourlist of emails. This is Gmail Ease of Access toolbar for quick icons that Include Calendar, Google Keep and Tasks. These are placed here so that the user can quickly add notes or tasks or reminders on their fingertips and whenever they need any extra functionalities

  • Options for Viewing Different Widgets

  • You also have the option for the adding different widgets according to your needs, something really important for small business owners who base their system on free widgets. This is really great for businesses that run on small capital.
  • Brand New ‘Confidential Mode’ –


There is a confidential mode in Gmail and that’s totally new and interesting. This mode helps you to delete a message after a few hours, day or months which depends upon how much secrecy YOU want. Also has the option for removing, copying, forwarding, print or downloading these messages.


  • No hazardous mails –


The new Gmail also takes care of your security and safety and warns you about the potentially hazardous mails that can harm your System or Phone in way. It gives you the warning in totally a red email alert that this particular email is harmful for you.

 The Team at Gmail decided about the:

  • Ease of Use
  • Navigation strategies
  • Aesthetics and Looks
  • And what to look for…

in Gmail so that the end user can experience the best while he uses the new Gmail that is much more intuitive and more fun to work on with the main perspective on enterprise as well as a normal day to day user. This is the main objective behind the Team of Gmail to redefine the Gmail UX.

This fresh design at Gmail has changed the core functioning of Gmail and made it a lot more fun by adopting the Google Material design 2018 and providing funky icons instead of boring texts.

You like the New design of Gmail or you rather stick with the old version?

Go on and tell what you want in the comment box below.





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