UGC Attempts to Reform Examination System

UGC Attempts to Reform Examination System
UGC Attempts to Reform Examination System

The higher education authority, UGC on Thursday asked controller of examination, teachers, students, education personnel, eminent educationists and the public at a large scale for their suggestions on examination reforms in the higher education domain.

Propositions on Exam Reforms

The University Grants Commission (UGC), in a notice issued on Thursday, said it has formed a committee to “recommend and suggest reforms in examination system” in the higher education institutions.

Stakeholders have been asked to send their valuable suggestions to the commission by June 22.

“Development and regular revision of curriculum on ‘leaning Outcomes-based Curriculum Framework’ by HEIs is one of such quality initiatives of UGC,” the statement said.

“Examination reform is one of the major tasks initiated in this direction. Keeping in consonance with these initiatives a Committee has been constituted to recommend and suggest reforms in the Examination system,” the disclosure added.

The suggestions are requested on themes like models of the examination system, which can be followed in India, objectives of the examination system, Structural and procedural changes needed in the examination system, moderation procedure, grade and credit-transfer in the examination system, an internal examination and external examination, on-demand examination and many more.

“All concerned are, therefore, requested to kindly send their views/suggestions/opinions/propositions (not more than 150 words) for each theme in the prescribed format latest by 22nd June 2018 to [email protected],” the UGC statement said.

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