Unique ID of Aadhar to Empower Domestic Flyers for Paperless Boarding

Unique ID of Aadhar to Empower Domenstic Flyers for Paperless Boarding

This paperless functionality to soon to come on the Airports as well an normal passengers can take advantage for fast check-in.

In a great initiative taken by all the airports in India by joining forces, they are creating a system of fully paperless boarding for all the air passengers.

The service named as DigiYatra, it will be revelatory step for the aviation industry.

Unique ID of Aadhar to Empower Domenstic Flyers for Paperless Boarding

Unique ID of Aadhar to Empower Domenstic Flyers for Paperless Boarding

  • The Airport Authority of India or AAI with all the major airports that is particularly included with each other and created a system called as DigiYatra, through which any passenger can use the paperless boarding facility and board the plane fast and easy without waiting for the boarding line.
  • A biometric pass will be created that have the ability to once created will act as way to unlock and access eGates at all the airports and main tasks like security and check in clearance and many more services can be easily and seamlessly done.
  • The major advantage is that there is no need to provide for ID Card Verification after the biometric authentication is complete.

AAI chairman Guru Prasad Mohapatra said,

“We have sent this proposal to the ministry. Once approved by the ministry, the DGCA will need to mandate it. We have selected three airports, including Varanasi and Vijayawada, for rolling out DY (DigiYatra),”

Important: The paperless facility created by AAI to enter and board the airports is of choice facility and voluntary and the passenger don’t want to use the facility, they can use traditional ways to check-into their flights.

DigiYatra Travel: How it Works?

The full service is made on the service structure called as AirSewa inaugurated by Ministry Of Civil Aviation in 2017.

The steps on how the new DigiYatra service works:

  1. Those passengers that want to comply service have to register them on AirSewa service, and have created a unique and different DigiYatra ID.
  2. Get verified by the government by using major ID cards like Aadhar and etc.

Now, two situations arise:

  • The passengers who created the DigiYatra ID when they purchased the ticket. Under this scenario passenger just needs to go to the airport and to make the full completion of verification by Biometric Identity via two stages through IRIS scan and fingerprints.
  • In another case if the passenger has booked the ticket and did not make any mention of DigiYatra during the time of booking then the passenger has to come to the airport and process his/her biometric through fingerprint and IRIS scanning.
  1. After completing the process, all this information gets added to the database of Airports of India. After that, whenever the passenger is going to travel to some place all the identification he needs to carry is this ID, perform a biometric check and board the flight.
  2. Those passengers who opt for biometrics can be further serviced through the use of providing the QR code that can be useful and can work that pass being completely paperless.

The aviation system and all airport services will also act as the time table as they work as full info systems and give the passenger full information about flight timings and inform the passengers accordingly when the gates are closing for boarding.

DigiYatra gives us the ability to go paperless for these documents for the Air Travel

  1. Tickets
  2. Paper IDs
  3. Boarding Pass

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